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Earth Sciences: Geophysics Seminar

ES 2093 22 Russell ST, Toronto, ON

Geophysics Seminar: Dr. Andrew Frederiksen, University of Manitoba "Crust and Lithosphere of the Mid-continent: Tectonic Domains and Novel Seismic Imaging Techniques"

Special Geophysics Seminar 2017 SEG Lecture

Mining Building MB500 170 College Street, Toronto

Speaker: Mirko van der Baan, University of Alberta "How Widespread is Human-Induced Seismicity in the USA and Canada?" Abstract There has been significant public and scientific interest in the observation of changed seismicity rate in North America since 2008, possibly due to human activities. We find that the seismicity rate in Oklahoma between 2008 and […]

Geophysics Seminar: Prof. Pascal Audet, University of Ottawa

ES 2093 22 Russell ST, Toronto, ON

Geophysics Seminar: Prof. Pascal Audet, University of Ottawa Title: Development of shear zone and fluid pressure along the megathrust fault at the Cascadia subduction zone Abstract: It has been the subject of numerous Hollywood movies, and is often referred to as “the big one” - a reference to the potentially massive earthquake and resulting tsunami […]

Geophysics Seminar: Sunyoung (Sunny) Park, Harvard University

ES 2093 22 Russell ST, Toronto, ON

Title: Right Under Your Feet − A Novel Approach to Constrain Near-Surface P- and S-Wave Speeds Based on Body-Wave Polarization Abstract: Near-surface seismic structure is crucial in assessing earthquake hazards, since it is directly related to the level of ground shaking. Constraining the near-surface structure, however, is challenging, especially in the environments where drilling or […]

Geophysics Short Course: Introduction to InSAR Image Interpretation

Department of Earth Sciences Presents A FREE short course: Introduction to InSAR image interpretation by Jillian Pearse (Joubin-James visiting Professor), Geosciences Department, University of Los Andes, Bogota Time: July 26, 2018, 9:30 am -12:00 pm NEW Location (due to popular demand): ES1062 (22 Russell St.) Students, researchers and faculty members are all welcomed. An companion […]

SEG Distinguished Lecturer Christine Krohn

ES 2093 22 Russell ST, Toronto, ON

"The Complexity Just Below Our Feet and the Implications for the Fidelity of Land Seismic Data" By Christine Krohn Abstract State-of-the-art seismic methods,such as reservoir property estimation,time-lapse and Full Wavefie ld Inversion (FWI),are becoming routine in deepwater environments. Land data,however, presents challenges, pa rticularly when we consider the need for low-cost acquisition for unconventional plays.This […]

Geophysics Seminar Dr. Anton Kepic, Curtin University

ES 2093 22 Russell ST, Toronto, ON

Speaker: Dr. Anton Kepic, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia Title: Creating Volumetric Models of RQD for mining from Geophysical Measurements Abstract: An example using data from the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE mine is provided to demonstrate how geophysical log data from many boreholes may be combined with 3D seismic data to provide a 3D model of RQD. […]

2018 J. Tuzo Wilson Public Lecture

Isabel Bader Theatre 93 Charles Street West, Toronto

      Isabel Bader Theatre 93 Charles Street West, Toronto Museum subway, East exit     Exoplanets and the Search for Habitable Worlds     by  Dr. Sara Seager, Professor of Physics and Planetary Science, MIT   https://www.saraseager.com   Refreshments afterwards   Free public lecture sponsored by the Department of Physics, University of Toronto   Facebook […]

Special Geophysics Seminar: Dr. Alastair McClymont, Advisian, Calgary Alberta

ES 2093 22 Russell ST, Toronto, ON

Special Geophysics Seminar: The Forgotten Holocaust - Geophysical Investigations at World War 2 Extermination Sites in Lithuania Date/Time: November 5th, 2019, NOON Speaker: Dr. Alastair McClymont Affliations: Advisian, Calgary, Alberta Abstract: Between 1941 and 1944, Einsatzgruppe Nazi death squads conspired with local nationalists to systematically exterminate as many as 250,000 Jews and other persecuted ethnic groups […]