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Jim Charters

Systems and Network Administrator

University of Toronto
Department of Earth Sciences

22 Russell St., Toronto
Ontario, Canada M5S 3B1

Tel.:  416 978 5591
Fax.: 416 978 3938
Mobile: 416 885 5591
e-mail: j.charters@es.utoronto.ca

I studied Geology and Physics at the University of Toronto, and worked for Geoterrex and Shell Metals in Australia, as a consulting geophysicist, and for Scintrex in Canada.

A serious dislike of carrying heavy instruments over hills and through swamps while being bitten by black flies and mosquitoes, as well as some knowledge and interest in computing, led to positions as a programmer for geological and geophysical applications, as well as analytical instrument control and data acquisition software. These experiences provided the necessary background to obtain my current position, which started as an applications programmer and has evolved into systems and networks administrator in the Department of Earth Sciences.

I act as the principal source of advice, information and technical expertise on computing matters for members of the Department. My responsibilities include selecting equipment for computing facilities as well as being involved in questions varying from overall building cabling and networking equipment, to instruction in use of various software packages as well as writing software for custom applications on different platforms.

I am also responsible for network administration, running various server and workstation versions of Windows in a LAN environment for research and teaching, as well as the usual LINUX based TCP/IP services that are relied upon for electronic communication and information dissemination.