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Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Location: Room 3097 in the Earth Sciences Centre

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The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is an electron beam type of instrument, similar to the Electron Microprobe. Its most common application is the imaging of three dimensional objects by means of Secondary Electrons (SE), but compositional imaging by means of Backscattered Electrons (BSE) has also become standard. Frequently, X-ray microanalysis capabilities are also available,most commonly by means of a solid state Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS) system and/or, less frequently, a Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry (WDS) arrangement.

Our SEM is a JEOL JSM6610-Lv, complemented by an Oxford/SDD EDS detector (ultra thin window) allowing for X-ray microanalysis and digital imaging via SE, BSE, and X-ray signals.

In addition to SE, BSE, and X-ray capabilities this SEM has a MiniCL by Gatan attached to it, a simple but effective cathodoluminescene (CL) imaging system.

Current Fee Structure


Time / user type Earth Sciences Department NSERC Users dept. other grants, U of T users other university users contract users

on-peak (9am to 5pm) weekdays

$24.00 $34.00 $40.00 $80.00

off-peak time (5pm – 9am weekdays and all weekend time)

$16.00 $20.00 $30.00 $56.00

The above rates do not include applicable taxes nor an operator. Basic operator training (a few hours only are necessary) is available at no cost. Specific needs requiring us to supply an operator will be considered, and an additional charge is made for operator assistance.

Note: A Job request form can be found here in PDF format. This form must be filled out completely and signed when submitting your work request.

You will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader® to open the job request form. You may download it, at no charge, from Adobe Systems.


SEM Availability


Dr. M. Gorton
Tel (416) 946-5309
Fax (416) 978-3938
Email: gorton@geology.utoronto.ca


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