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Room Bookings

Below you will find links for each of our rooms with their respective free/busy information. The free/busy information is updated in near real time once we have received and processed your request.

To request a room booking please click here

  • Rooms:
  • All
  • ES 1062
  • ES 1067
  • ES 2093 (Seminar)
  • ES 2100
  • ES 2101
  • ES 2119
  • ES 1072 (Rio Algom)
  • ES2095
  • ES2096

Latest Past Events


Virtual Event

Rockfest is back this week with two presentations. "Turbulence Processes Within Turbidity Currents" Mathew G. Wells - Associate Professor  Dept. of Physical and Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough “A […]

ES 2119

Core Sample Analysis (BSL/Warr)